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If your Business requires any type of funding such as a Business Loan to purchase an Asset, a Commercial Mortgage to purchase your own building or if you are looking to Refinance, or just improve Cash-Flow then get in touch with us.

Tailored Finance helping your business grow…

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages- Are you looking at purchasing a new premises for your business or are you looking to expand and need somewhere bigger, We can find you the best deal for your business taking the stress out of moving and dealing with the whole process allowing you to concentrate on growing the business.


  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Usually First legal charge secured over the property
  • Offer a range of fixed and Variable rates
  • Terms of up to 25 years
  • Up to a maximum of 75% LTV

Cash Flow Finance

Are you wanting to purchase a large item, or do you have a big tax bill, or do you just want to simply borrow some funds to provide working capital for your business?


  • Unsecured/Secured Loans available
  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Offer a range of terms up to 25 years
  • Tailored Loan for your business

Unsecured Loans

Do you require cash quickly to pay a large bill, or has one of your customers not paid and you need cash to pay the bills, or do you just want to borrow a smaller amount, an unsecured loan could work for you if you don’t want to offer security or need cash quickly.


  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Variable and fixed interest rates
  • Terms up to 5 years
  • No security required in some cases
  • A quick decision and turnaround in up to 48 hours

Start-Up Loans

Have you just started your dream business and need access to some funding to help fund your new business, or have you only been trading less than 2 years and hit a hurdle and you need some funding to continue?


  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Help to secure you a grant or government backed loan
  • Terms ranging from 12-60 Months
  • Fixed interest rates allowing you to budget

Peer to Peer Funding

Peer to Peer Funding – An alternative to normal business borrowing is Peer to peer business lending works by letting you borrow money from investors, rather than a bank, using a specialist lender.


  • Low APR available to some businesses
  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Fixed rates available
  • A range of terms available depending on the amount required

Invoice Financing

 Do you have a lot of unpaid invoices, does your business rely on those to be paid for your cash flow purposes? Using Invoice financing options can allow you to use your unpaid invoices to borrow money upfront and repay it once the invoice is paid by your client.


  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Invoice discounting – where the lender pays you the money on your invoice and you repay them once your invoice is paid to you by your customer.
  • Invoice factoring – where the lender buys your outstanding invoice from you and then collects payment from your customers.
  • Repay as your business earns
  • Ongoing facility
  • Popular in the following industries: Export financing, for businesses that export overseas, Recruitment financing, for businesses that operate in the recruitment sector, and Construction financing, for businesses in the construction sector.

Asset Finance

Does your company want to purchase a large asset such as machinery, office equipment or a vehicle? Or do you need to release some cash in your business as working capital using your existing assets?


  • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
  • Hire Purchase, Leasing agreements, or refinancing agreements
  • Borrowing is secured against the Asset
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Allows you to have the latest and up to date machinery or equipment for your business

    Merchant Cash Advance

    Merchant Cash Advances – Are you a business that has a high amount of card payments made to you such as a pub or shop? Having a Merchant Cash advance loan allows you to borrow money quickly and cheaply.


    • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
    • Repayments are made daily, weekly or monthly depending on your business
    • All fees set out at the start rather than charging interest you repay a set percentage of your sales made.
    • Unsecured
    • All different terms offered and repaid only when your business receives payment using your PDQ machine, so if you have a quieter month the same percentage amount is taken

    Development Finance

     Development Finance – Are you involved in the building industry and require funding for a new building project, or do you develop property and make refurbishments to them?


        • Can offer a wide range of Lending available such as Auction, Refurbishment, and Land Purchase Loans
        • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
        • Funding available quickly
        • Secured Finance Available
        • Terms up to 25 years depending on project

    Bridging Finance

    Bridging Finance – Have you found a property and need the funds urgently before selling your existing property and don’t want to lose it?


    • First or second charge required as security over a property
    • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
    • Terms up to 24 months
    • A solid exit route required to pay off the loan and no early repayment fees
    • Interest can be retained so no monthly repayments to be made

      Revolving Credit Line

      Do you require an alternative to an overdraft, rather than taking a lump sum loan and not needing the full amount, it allows you to borrow money as and when you need it and draw down in small amounts over time paying back when you decide and over how long.


      • Access to whole of market for all types of Businesses
      • Works in the same way as an overdraft but not linked to your business account
      • Given a credit limit by the lender depending on your business
      • Only pay interest when you use it
      • Flexible facility offering repayment over 12 months usually

        Overall Business Support

        Not only do we find you the right funding for your business to help grow, we can support you with forecasting, business plans, and overall financial support.


        • Full Financial Review
        • Support in growth for your business
        • Business mentoring contacts available
        • Problem Solving
        • Business Strategy

          For a free initial consultation contact us today to find out how we can help your business to grow and reach its full potential.